Women’s Health Week 2018

Women’s Health Week 2018

Did you know that National Women’s Health Week begins each year on Mother’s Day? This year it runs May 13th-19th and serves as a reminder or catalyst for women to take time to practice self-care. Below are a few helpful steps for better physical and mental health. 

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Yearly Physical and Preventative Screenings

Attending yearly physicals with your gynecologist or family practitioner will help you stay on top of your health and get the preventative screenings you need. All Marketplace health plans and many other plans must cover preventive services for women without charging a copayment or coinsurance. Other government agencies like Planned Parenthood and many nonprofits such as Barbells for Boobs will assist in covering the cost of screenings for those in need. 


Daily Activity

Make time to move at least 30 minutes a day. Walk, jog, run, bike, swim, or join a social sports league. Check out CrossFit Torrent or your local CrossFit affiliate to get started working on total health. Find something you enjoy doing and stick to it.




Take time to plan balanced meals at home and continue to introduce a new healthy item each week, your cooking skills may improve and your taste buds will thank you! While strolling through the produce section of your grocery and add a new fruit or veggie to your cart. Google a fun recipe highlighting your new food item. If you are not getting the necessary nutrition through your diet ask your doctor about supplements such as a multivitamin, folic acid or iron. Your needs may be different than other women, ask your doctor about supplements you may need at your yearly physical. If you have other question about nutrition read through the nutrition page on our website.



Mental Health

Do not forget about your mental health! Make sure you are getting enough sleep, finding healthy ways to cope with stress, and learning the sign and symptoms of depression. Find some time in your day to practice mindfulness and relieve stress. Block out 10 minutes a day with no distractions to listen to your favorite music, meditate, take a relaxing bath, read a book,  journal, draw or just sit with your coffee and watch the sunrise. Give your mind and body time to forget about your stress and worry. Do not be afraid to ask for help. 


It is important that women this week and every week take care of themselves. Send this blog to a woman in your life that deserves some self-care. Share the ways you make health a priority in the comments below!

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