Training and Your Period

Author: Callie

Topic: Women’s Health


Have you ever skipped a workout because you were on your period? Feel like some days you have super strength and others the bar weighs 200#?  Are you interested in utilizing your body’s natural cycle to get the most out of your training or work outs? If so, keep reading.

Exercise during your period is one of the best things you can do. The more regular you are with your physical activity the more tolerable your periods tend to be. Let’s dive into the phases and learn a bit more about our bodies!


  • Hormones: FSH, LH, Progesteron, and estrogen are at their lowest levels. Lower estrogen makes you less injury prone.
  • Energy: Often low and water retention decreases
  • Fuel: Easier to utilize carbohydrates so you may feel stronger during this time
  • Exercise: Add intensity and weight based on your energy level. 


  • Hormones: Getting ready to release and egg so hormones are raising
  • Energy: Good mood and feeling strong!
  • Exercise: Take advantage of this and do some strength & high intensity training. Gain that muscle, girl!


  • Hormones: Estrogen, FSH, and LH are at their highest levels. An egg is released!
  • Energy: Often peak energy levels
  • Exercise: Take advantage of this high energy and train at a higher intensity!


  • Hormones: FSH & LH Decrease. Estrogen and Progesterone gradually increase.
  • Energy: The change in hormones can often make us feel tired and lethargic. Body temp and water retention increases (bloating) while muscular endurance decreases.
  • Fuel: Cravings will be strong during this phase because of an increase in our BMR. Rely on more fat as fuel and lower the carbs. If you are trying to maintain weight, eating a few extra calories may be needed (100-200). If you have been trying to lose weight use this time as a maintenance week.
  • Exercise: If you are feeling lethargic- downshift. Focus on light weight, mobility, range of motion, lower intensity and impact.

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