“The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation, and the fun is in the community.”

It is easy to take our immaculate and well appointed facility for granted or come to the perception that such trappings are required to “do CrossFit”. This pandemic however is going to serve as a return to the old school for our gyms, and good news: CrossFit is the original and still reigning champions of rugged, grungy fitness.

Chanelle and I started personal training out of our garage on Ft. Bragg 7 years ago with nothing but some second hand equipment from Craigslist. CrossFit Mt. Mitchell was all heart and every member was both our neighbor and personal friend.

The actual product that is CrossFit consists of just two things: The Methodology, and the coaching that brings you that methodology… That’s it. Kick ass stimulus, and a kick ass coach are the only two things you need. A great illustration is this gem of a video featuring Kelley Starrett giving us a tour of San Francisco CrossFit, one of the very first affiliates and run out of a shipping container out back of a military complex:  

For whatever reason Strongman was a popular sport in our area of NC, so we embraced it! Concrete stones were dirt cheap and used tires from old Army trucks were free! Functional fitness doesn’t require climate control and premium recovery beverages, and sometimes it comes with fire ants!

Remember this as we come back to training, no item of equipment or climate controlled room makes you fit.

When we are able to gather again let’s remember why we are a part of this community in the first place, camaraderie is formed at the intersection of shared suffering and laughter, so let’s get after that by the bushel!

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