Personalized Group Classes

Group classes offer many things from community to atmosphere, while still getting that one on one attention when you need it most.

But what is it about a group class that can be so personalized? Isn’t that impossible given its nature?

You would think a group class is meant to be general and that’s as far as it is meant to go, but there are so many opportunities that still exist inside that class.

So how does one go about taking advantage of those opportunities?

For starters, regular attendance is a great stepping stone, if your coach is seeing you regularly, the chances that things become more personalized will quickly increase.

The next thing that can be done is to share big goals, the things that drive you to walk into the gym everyday no matter what else may be going on. Really learning what makes the athlete tick and what gets them fired up supercharges the personalization of a class. 

One final thing an athlete can do is to record and track their progress for comparison at a later date. Using this information can allow a coach and athlete to better tailor the experience that day. If the athlete has been working on a certain skill for weeks and an opportunity to put that skill into practice comes up, the coach will help them capitalize. If the coach knows the athlete has been working hard on something due to their regular attendance, the coach knows that it aligns with their deepest desires because they have shared those big goals, and the athlete has continued to keep a record of their current abilities, then the perfect opportunity to realize those goals has been created.

Group classes are great if you need a space to feel pumped up to push yourself while having the support of others without missing out on the little details that make your experience different from everyone else’s.

If you haven’t shared those big goals with your coaching staff recently, book a goal-setting session to put yourself on a fast track to reaching them!

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