October Athlete of the Month- Sarah N.

Name:  Sarah Nordquist         Age: 31                                 From: Kalamazoo 

sarahHow long have you been with CrossFit Torrent and what made you decide to start? 

I have been with Torrent since September 2018. I always loved watching the sport of CrossFit and when I saw that torrent was opening up near my house I figured it was time to actually participate myself.

What do you do when you’re not at CFT? 

When I’m not at CFT I am a speech and language pathologist at St. Joseph County ISD. I also love crafting and scrapbooking.sarah2

When did you realize that CrossFit is right for you? 

I realized CrossFit was right for me after the first elements class. I have always tried going to the gym, but I would never know what to do or how to do it. After that first class I felt like I got a real workout in and learned so much!

What were your thoughts after your first WOD?

After my first WOD I was worried how I was going to walk the rest of the day haha.  Then I thought that I have to keep going so I can get better!

What is your favorite or least favorite WOD/movement?

My favorite movement is pull-ups. My least favorite is the assault bike.

What is the one thing you have done at CFT that you never thought you would do?

I never thought I would be excited to do barbell anything. Before CrossFit, I was so scared to even pick up a barbell and now I love it!

sarah4What motivates you during a tough workout? 

When I’m in a tough workout I think about getting better each day. I get competitive against myself and compare what I’ve done before. Also the faster I go the sooner I am done 🙂 

What’s your favorite thing about CrossFit?

I love the community of CrossFit. I love coming to class and being social but I also love working out in a group. This motivates me to not stop because I see everyone else crushing it.

What are your short term and long term goals? 

My short term goals are to lower my body fat and long term is to be consistent and maintain a healthy diet with working out.

 How have you seen yourself change- mentally and physically since joining Torrent? What impact has CFT had on you in and out of the gym?

I have seen myself get more confident and build strength. I have worked forever on getting pull-ups and now I can do 3 in a row 🙂 I also use to be very anxious to try new things and now that’s a daily occurrence!  CrossFit has had such a huge impact on my life by giving me confidence in myself. I started setting goals and meeting them and love that feeling of success from my hard work.

Do you have any advice for people just getting started at CFT?

My advice would be to keep going and don’t worry about what other people are doing. Just try to better yourself each day.

Quick Questions

Favorite Cheat Meal: pizza 

Favorite Musician/Band: My favorite Pandora station is Brooklyn Duo.sarah3

Favorite Sports Team: Green Bay Packers

Favorite Tv Show/ Movie:  Gilmore Girls

Favorite CrossFit Athlete: Sara Sigmundsdottir 

Coach’s comment: 

Congratulations to everyone’s favorite Nordquist! 😉 Sarah is one of  CrossFit Torrent’s OGs. She has improved so much since day one. In her first year of CrossFit Sarah has accomplished pull-ups, chest to bar, mastering the wallball, her first rookie competition and graduated from the training bar! Sarah can also talk about the sport of CrossFit and the athletes like someone who has been doing it for years. She recently participated in the 800g challenge and attended classes for one month straight! She is very coachable, lights up any class she attends (EVEN THE 5 AM!!!!), and quickly turns her doubt to confidence. When Bryan happens to show up by himself the first question from members is “Where’s Sarah?” That speaks volumes to the type of person she is. We couldn’t be happier to have Sarah as part of the #TORRENTFAM.

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