Men’s Health Week


To Perform your best you must be filling your tank with quality fuel.

There are many ideas surrounding what is believed to be an ideal diet, but there is not a one size fits all solution. Nutrition is personal & individual. What works for one person may not work for the next. There are some key points that all healthy diets contain. Our basic nutrition advice is “Eat Real Food”.

How do you do that? Start by cutting out sugar. Refined sugar, sweeteners, sweets, candy, pop. Almost every processed food contains sugar.  Cut out processed foods. If it comes in a box or has an ingredient list, it’s not real food. Base your diet on lean meats, organic or garden vegetables, some fruit, seeds, nuts, little starch and no sugar. Real food is perishable. Real food doesn’t come in a box. Look around the perimeter of the store. Keep food consumption at levels that facilitate exercise, but don’t support body fat. Use the plateimage  to guide how your plate should be look for each meal. Depending on your size, you will eat a specific amount of meals each day. Most likely, you are eating too few meals currently. Cook, experiment, and have fun creating recipes using these ingredients and different spices. There are a ton of great websites out there with recipes.
Make it YOUR mission to eat healthy. You’re going to eat between 21 & 35 meals per week. Don’t go crazy if you have 1 bad meal out of 21. The problem is eating 10 bad meals out of 21.
Ask us for more nutrition advice. We’re happy to help! We also provide nutrition workshops and challenges for our members. We’re here to help you stay healthy & have fun getting there.


Tips for making time for exercise and other healthy habits.

Find your why. What motivates you and why you should make it a priority?
Make a healthier lifestyle more convenient. Join a CrossFit gym close to home or work. You will receive a workout of the day, coaching and community all in 60 minutes.  Keep a packed gym bag in your car or by the front door it will make it easy for you to grab and go. Leave weights or bands in your living room, move when you are watching TV. Clean out your fridge or pantry, keep fresh whole foods in plain sight and reduce or eliminate treat foods. Establish a morning routine, stretch, do burpees, meal prep or hit the gym to start each day doing something positive for your health. For easy meal prep sign up for a CSA or healthy meal delivery service.
Identify your top priorities. Think of your time as an empty jar. First fill it with bigs rocks, then pebbles then sand. Your big rocks may include family, faith, health. Pebbles might include hobbies, getting a promotion at work or finishing a house project. Sand goes in last and should be items that are enjoyable but not necessity. Time spent watching TV,

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scrolling through social media, or playing video games.
Keep a time journal. Track and analyze how you spend your time. Do those times match with your jar of priorities? Are you spending big time on your rocks and little time on your sand? Start to align your schedule with what you want to accomplish. Try to add 10 minute positive impacts and write them in your time journal. Write meal prep and movement in your calendar, schedule it and stick to it. Each week review and ask yourself if you used your time to support your health and fitness.

Below are 10 great benefits that you will see, even from a moderate workout:

Lower cholesterol. Lower triglycerides. Lower risk of high blood pressure. Reduced inflammation. Better blood vessels. Lower risk of diabetes. A hedge against colon cancer. Strong bones. Weight loss. A longer life

For more details check out this blog written by Coach Catie

#3 Prevent

Stop avoiding the doctor. Don’t want until something is seriously wrong, your doctor can be your best ally for preventing health issues. Talk to your doctor about screening you may need due to age, race or family history. Here is a guide to help you start talking to your doctor.

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Statistics show men are less likely than women to visit a healthcare provider each year. But, regular preventive healthcare can help men live a long and healthy life.Getting an annual wellness exam allows you to talk to your health care provider about ways to stay healthy like healthy eating and exercise, sexual and mental health, injury prevention, misuse of drugs and alcohol, and help to quit smoking.

It’s important to know your health risks but it is even more important to take action to reduce your risks. Start by making healthy lifestyle choices. The impact might be greater than you’ll ever know.

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