Meet Grant!


Coach Grant Shymske

Where you are from and about you: 

Chanelle and I have been in the Army for the past eight years or so so have bounced between Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, and Ohio.

My favorite part of being a coach is…

Having a tangible, positive impact on someone’s life. When your teaching changes someone’s everyday life and or outlook for the better there is no greater feeling in the world in my opinion.

Favorite WOD: 

Fight Gone Bad! Old school CrossFit and pure grunt work, who is willing to suffer more?

unnamedFavorite Movement: 

Medicine Ball Clean. So much fun to coach, always interesting things to deal with and so many of those lovely epiphany moments when things start to click for the athlete.

Go-to Healthy snack: 

We have been sticking to the 800g challenge for a few years now and a way to hit that has been our daily shake (adult baby food). Greens, carrots, apples, berries, and whey protein blended up.

Cheat day favorite: 

Pho. With all the crazy bits, it’s the only time organ meats taste wonderful to me and I still get to enjoy delicious broth and noodles.

If I am not at CFT you can find me: 

Cooking, chores, studying (chipping away at my Master’s in Exercise Science), and bumming around outside with Axel.

7 Fun Facts about Grantunnamed-1


  • I am ‘allergic’ to technology.
  • I have an audiobook and podcast addiction.
  • I love dogs more than most things.
  • I’d rather be cooking.
  • I am frugal to a fault.
  • I might playfully argue with you just to make the conversation more interesting.
  • I would love to be a college professor again.


Coaching Credentials


  • Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (CF-L3).
  • CrossFit Kids Trainer.
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Course.
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Course.
  • CrossFit Online Courses: Scaling, Spot the Flaw, Lesson Planning, Programming, Judges.
  • CrossFit Seminar Staff Internship (4).


Athletic Background


  • USFA Competitive Fencing through College.
  • WMU-ROTC Ranger Challenge Team.
  • Passed GORUCK Selection 2014.
  • GORUCK Sponsored Athlete (ultra-endurance challenge stuff).
  • 6 Amateur Strongman Competitions with US Strongman and Strongman Corp Federations.
  • Arnold Sports Festival CrossFit Team Competition 2020.




  • I became a fencing coach in high school.unnamed-2
  • Ranger Challenge coach in ROTC.
  • GORUCK Expeditions cadre coaching ultra-endurance and wilderness land navigation.
  • Contracted for The Endurance Society designing and implementing Endurance Challenges in Vermont.
  • Adjunct College Professor for lifestyle and critical reasoning courses.
  • Founded CrossFit Mt. Mitchell, a not for profit Military Affiliate on Ft. Bragg NC.
  • 4+ years of personal training using CrossFit methodology.
  • Worked in product development at Rogue Fitness.
  • I had the privilege of being taken on as an intern for CrossFit Seminar Staff.



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