Just Squat

As a CrossFit athlete, being told not to squat should be like being told you won’t be able to speak for the next six months. Squatting is a fundamental function of the evolved human animal, on our societie’s headlong sprint towards trying to make the movie Walle a non-fiction documentary instead of a fictional cartoon I feel we are forgetting that fact.

“Just Squat”

The future is coming and sorry it won’t be as cool as Terminator or The Matrix

Properly coached the squat is the exact opposite of hazardous to our bodies, it is restorative, and therapeutic. In these two classic CrossFit Journal Articles the squat is broken down and examined, its features explained and varying scales and coaching techniques for getting athletes into a better position no matter their ability level is explained.

If constance can squat… So can you. It may mean that the full squat becomes more of a skill or strength movement trained the way we would a one rep max deadlift or an L-Sit, not done in a Metcon but rather in its own skill session.

(If you are a CrossFit coach and this video doesn’t fire you up and bring a tear to your eye then you may be in the wrong profession my friend)

“Regardless of what the problem is, the answer is to squat”

– Coach Greg Glassman

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