Is Crossfit for me? Teen’s edition!

Trying new things is scary! It is easy to stay complacent where we are comfortable. I’m here to urge you to step outside the box and push your boundaries! I’m sure you have loads of questions but first, let me ask you a few…

Already play a sport?

Great! We love working with sport-specific athletes. Even more reason to add Crossfit to your routine. We can work with the unique characteristics of your sport to take your performance to the next level with strength training, endurance training, body weight training, and more. Work with us on your off season or add our program into your training, we are invested in helpFullSizeRender-2ing you crush your goals!

Do you like to have fun?

Fun? Exercise isn’t fun. Wrong! At Crossfit Torrent we are all about ensuring that your hour here is the very best of your day. With the constantly varied program, you will always be on the edge of your seat wondering what today’s WOD will be. This is not your standard back day, chest day, leg day, chest day style gym. We make use of countless exercises and movements to make every day exciting.

Are you interested in success?

We target fitness. No doubt about that. But what if I told you that the Torrent program offers so much more than that? We want you to come to class every day and leave a better athlete, better student, better person. How can we do that? Just as we teach the air squat or pull-up or snatch, we teach leadership skills, sportsmanship, discipline, confidence, and plenty other skills that will help you succeed in your fast-approaching adulthood.

Do you like to feel good?

So do we! We all have our bad days where nothing seems to go right. Those are the BEST days to hit the gym! Letting all those emotions out in a tough workout is the greatest feeling. And all this working out has other obvious benefits. Commit yourself to our program and you will see physical changes in your body as well. From muscle definition to a better muscle to fat ratio. Lets face it, when we look good, we feel good!FullSizeRender-1


When joining a gym, typically people don’t think about the community aspect. Probably because most gyms don’t offer this to their members! We run a headphone-free class where members work together, motivate and encourage each other, and naturally build relationships. Those who WOD together, stay together!

Are you getting older?

Okay, this is a silly one, I know. But bare with me. We are all getting older. Each day our bodies withstand another 24 hours of wear and tear. (Here’s something that might just blow your mind…. we all have ONE body! That’s all we get!) Our bodies do SO much for us. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to take care of the one thing we keep forever?!

I cannot stress enough, the importance of pursing health and fitness at a young age. Between the ages of 12 and 17, our bodies are growing and changing significantly. Take advantage of this time and develop a solid foundation, because we all know that with age comes physical limitations. However, this foundation can dramatically help to prolong the effects of aging.

Regan Holgate, 18, a soccer player looking to improve her strength came to us this past summer. We had a blast working with her and loved seeing her thrive and improve over the few months we had the pleasure of working with her. She has this about our program:


“Crossfit not only helped me to improve physically, but also mentally. It was a way to help keep myself motivated and always push through the pain no matter what. There were amazing coaches there that made the classes 10x more fun and ultimately I felt stronger in so many ways when I was done.”

Crossfit Teens is for any and all middle school and high school aged kids interested in bettering themselves. Interested in becoming more fit, improving their all around health, developing new skills, getting active, or finding a community.

So now let me ask,

Is Crossfit Teens for you?

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