How Long Should I Workout?

Author: Karie Patzer

Topic: sport
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We thrive on intensity, but why? If we break down a full class, there is a general warmup, specific warm up, strength for that day (if any), workout, and cooldown. This is all inside an hour window. Are you moving the majority of the time, yes! Are you moving with intensity the whole time, absolutely not!

It’s Gotta Be Super Long and Crazy, Right??

A workout doesn’t have to be long duration to be effective. It is so much more beneficial to work out at 90% effort for a shorter time than it is to expel 60% effort for a longer period of time.

This can also become very helpful in recovery as well. Jamming so much work to be at a moderate effort lessens your time to still cool down properly and maintain mobility.

Ok, But I Want More!

But what if you WANT more, it’s ok as long as the movements are completely sound. Is it NEEDED for longevity and health, no. Eating whole foods, drinking enough water, training on a regular basis, and having variety in movements, that’s what is needed.

Crossfit describes fitness as having many domains. “increased work capacity under broad times and model domains”

Simply put…become better, faster, stronger.

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