How CrossFit Torrent Will Change Your Life.


When you stumble upon CrossFitters they all have different voyages but are heading in the same direction, to make themselves better. I’m not only referring to the body but also, changes of mind and spirit. For one month our founding members have been on calmer water to accomplish their goals. Below are a few ways I’ve seen our members embrace this lifestyle and begin to change their life for the better.

They stand tall.

This change is very subtle and most members probably don’t notice it about themselves, but if you watch carefully you can see they’ve acquired this quiet confidence. A sense of pride and certainty in themselves that wasn’t there before. Their body is telling them that it feels better and everything is a bit stronger. As your coach, I see it and am happy you trusted me to help chart your course.


They embrace their body.

The majority of people start CrossFit because they want to lose bodyweight. But their focus quickly switches to an emphasis on what their body can do. They start saying things like “I want to do double unders,” or “How do I get my first pull up?”

Wanting to lose fat or get toned is a perfectly fine goal. This is especially true if the person is overweight and has a high risk of developing health issues. Our members understand that when their body fat decreases they will be more likely to do a pull-up. And with that pull-up comes a lesser likelihood of developing type II diabetes.

They unchain their inner athlete.IMG_0143

On the back of our shop shirts, it says “Athlete.” Typically, when members see this, I hear them questioning if they are good enough to wear the label athlete.  Coach Glassman said, “Our understanding is that the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind. One needs functional competence to stay out of the nursing home. The other one wants functional dominance to win medals.” And every day, our members develop their degree of athleticism. They start by being surprised at their abilities and then turn to expect more from themselves. You too will find something you are good at and you will compete with yourself every day.

They are mentally tough.

Every day stronger versions of members walk out our door. When our athletes started I saw fear and doubt in their eyes each WOD. They would panic when they saw the words run and rope climbs in Wodify. But as they show up and give everything they’ve got for one hour a day they start to crush that self-doubt. The workouts are difficult, painful and test their inner toughness. But they come back every day, through the soreness, tiredness and hectic lives they lead. Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”  Our Torrent family definitely understands that.

They leave their ego behind.

Torrent athletes understand it doesn’t matter if they were former college athletes or someone who has been sedentary for years, everyone feels the same after a workout. They also understand to get better they need to set aside their ego and trust the process. There is a workout that humbles each person and usually marks a turning point in attitude.  It pushes athletes to learn how to do things correctly and most efficiently. “I can’t do that” doesn’t exist, instead they ask “How can I modify?” Torrent athletes embrace that experience and use it as motivation to keep working to mitigate weaknesses.

They surround themselves with a gym family.

It’s normal for members to start quietly. It’s normal for them to just hang back and take in as much of the experience as you can. And then, one day they meet their gym bestie or besties. These are the people that cheer you on or do extra so you don’t have to finish a WOD alone. These are the people that will send you a text if you don’t make it to class to make sure you are okay! This family feeling will start to extend outside of the gym and next thing you know your standing in your gym bestie’s wedding. It’s amazing how being vulnerable during a workout facilitates community and togetherness for a group of strangers. It’s a community that accepts differences and cultivates growth. This will become your home away from home.


CrossFit changes people’s perspective of themselves and the life around them. I’m thankful I get to come in every day and watch as our members grow stronger and build this wonderful family. Torrent- A strong or fast-moving stream. We are working together to wear down obstacles in our way.



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