Hello. Hi. My name is Callie Smith!

Callie+OHSI am the head coach and manager of CrossFit Torrent in Kalamazoo. I’m here to help you establish, work towards, and conquer your fitness goals. Even if you landed on this blog by accident I hope something will connect with you and your life.


Would you say that you are… 1) Happy with your fitness 2) Unhappy with your fitness 3) Want to learn more about keeping yourself healthy for the long haul 4) Want to keep getting better every day

Good news! My job and this blog’s purpose is to make your journey a little easier. I’m here to talk nutrition, family, gear, kids, sleep, fun, fitness, and more. Following this blog or taking the next step with CrossFit Torrent will get you closer to attaining your goals.

CrossFit Torrent operates with lifelong fitness and health as its main goal. That goal is founded on our core values to be humble, driven, and people smart. These are values I personally continue to develop and improve every day.

How did I get here?callieliftpic

Well, I started my CrossFit journey while attending GVSU. I needed an outlet for schoolwork and jobs. CrossFit was perfect. I was learning, working hard, getting better, and sweating out stress. It was just as important for my mental health as it was for my physical. I bought into the CrossFit methodology and spent free time learning more. Fast forward a couple years, after I moved to Kalamazoo to pursue my masters at WMU, I decided to take my level one and start coaching.

I am hooked. That seminar was the light bulb or ah-ha moment that directed me to take this on full time. I love coaching. I love meeting new people, learning about them and their family, helping members hit PRs, and educating about lifelong fitness. I encourage any activity that utilizes fitness created at the gym, outside of the gym. CrossFit has taught me about true health, gives me an opportunity to fitness with my best friends, and allows me to follow my dreams and do what I love!


7 Fun Facts about Me

  1. I have two younger siblings, Olivia and Connor
  2. I grew up on my family farm in the U.P.
  3. I have been in 9 weddings (27 dresses here I come! haha)
  4. I started rock climbing 8 years ago
  5. I have two mini Aussie beagle mixes, Thea and Oliver (Yes, they were named after Arrow characters)
  6. I spent time on San Salvador Island researching plants
  7. If I could be a TV character I would choose Leslie Knope


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