Author: Brandon Schoenwether

Subject: programming

Hashtags: #grindstone #newprogramwave

Before a single swing, cut, or chisel can be made you must first apply the grindstone. For this is the forgotten tool, the tool that sharpens all other tools.

The CrossFit Open is quickly approaching and soon enough, that very day will be here. To close out a stellar year we are going to dive into our heaviest of days and our fastest of days. The primary goal of ‘Grindstone’ is to sharpen the individual tools that build a strong open performance; max strength in our classic lifts, cycling a barbell in all Olympic variations, lungs like hot air balloons, and the stamina to endure even the toughest of gymnastic movements.

Grindstone will lead us into our final section of training centered around the CrossFit Open. Upon finishing Grindstone we will begin our peaking and taper season to feel at our very best for what is in store.

For the final 3 months of the year we want to provide all of our members the following each week:

A chance to sweat, breathe fire, move their bodies, and challenge their muscles. This will manifest in a variety of ways but plain and simple, we’re gonna keep doing lots of CrossFit. You’ll find some more information on the attached images about what we will rotate through each week but the gist is we want our members to get stronger while staying fit in their heart, lungs, & movements.

What To Expect

A little bit of everything of course! Although there is always organization to the chaos. From here, we will work hard on improving our overall max strength, olympic cycling, open conditioning, and gymnastic stamina. But what will that look like?

Gymnastics Stamina:

1-2 times a week


Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Handstand push-ups

Olympic cycling:

1-2 times a week

Power clean and jerk

Hang power clean

Squat snatch

Power snatch

Max Strength:

2 times a week

Back squat


Shoulder press

Clean and jerk


Open Conditioning:

1-2 times a week

Double unders


Wall walks


Wall Balls

DB snatch

Burpee over box

Now let’s enjoy what is up to come and keep up the grind. This is where we can chip away and create something amazing. Remember recovery, hydration, and nutrition is KEY to our success.

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