Age: 22 years old

From: South Haven, MI

I have been with Torrent for a year now! I realized CrossFit was definitely my thing a couple months into doing it. At first, you regret every decision you make this far, but the hard work starts paying off soon after! 

My thoughts after my first WOD were; why in the world am I here😂 You think you’re fit, until you start doing CrossFit. 

My favorite movements are rope climbs, power snatches, and double unders (once I got them). My least favorite movement is definitely deadlifts. 

The coaches and the athletes power me through tough WOD’s by being great supporters before, during, and after.

My favorite thing about CrossFit is I have never done a workout twice, except “Fran” ironically🙃 The wide variety of movements and workouts is what keeps me coming back everyday! Short term goals, be able to string together my pull ups and not give up. 

A long term goal would be to get my toes to bar clean this year! 

Mentally I am able to push myself like never before because I know that the physical payoff is worth it. I am physically the strongest I have ever been and I love it! I have made some great friends through CrossFit and can’t wait to keep making memories with them! 

Some advice I would give for someone just starting CrossFit is that it sucks for a while at first, but consistency will be your best friend when wanting to see results!! Keep challenging yourself with more weight and more reps and you’ll get there! 

Quick questions

Favorite cheat meal would be brownies. 

Fav TV show is Yellowstone and fav movie is the Spider-Man movies! 

Fav CrossFit athlete is Brooke Wells! 

Coaches comments:

My girl Fran DOESN’T QUIT. Seriously, she is an impressive person. Tackling school and crushing her fitness goals in the gym AND out on the Spartan fields. If there is anyone to strive to be like in the gym.. It. Is. HER! -Mo

Fran works hard at CrossFit even after doing other physical activities or before playing volleyball! She plays volleyball, she is the president of the intramural sports at WMU while also being a student. She shows up at different class times and still gets after it in the AM or PM. -Carson

Fran is super committed – she fits in time at the gym around her busy volleyball and student schedule, and she works out in South Haven when she’s not in town. She’s been pushing herself hard lately and it’s paying off as she’s been killing it on Rx workouts! – Bri

Fran brings a great energy to every workout. She’s competitive with herself and encouraging to everyone. – Michelle

Fran is such a great athlete. She has not only competitiveness but also the ability to never quit! Still remember when we both started together at Torrent and I can definitely say that she has improved so much since then. GOO FRAN! – Sabrina

Fran is a go getter and brings great energy to the gym. She’s incredibly hard working and that type of thing rubs off on the rest of the community – Brandon

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