Doughnuts and Deadlifts

June 1, 2018, is National Doughnut Day! Deadlifts pair really well with doughnuts! The deadlift is one of the 9 Fundamental Movements of CrossFit and very functional.  It is a full body movement and done correctly can allow you to move large loads. Deadlifts are done with a barbell, kettlebells, groceries, suitcases, kids, and anything else you lift from the ground. The next time you pick something up try these helpful tips to keep yourself safe!


This diagram from CrossFit takes you through the setup, execution, and completion of the movement.


  • Hip-width Stance
  • Hands Outside Hips
  • Full Grip on the Bar
  • Shoulders Slightly in Front of the Bar
  • Brace Core by Flexing Abs
  • Pull Shoulder Blades Down
  • Establish a Neutral Spine
  • Maintain all of these things through the execution


  • Hips and Shoulders Rise at the Same Rate
  • Bar Moves Over Middle of the Foot
  • Drive Through Feet, Keep Heels Down
  • Push Knees Back
  • Reverse Bow When Bar is Above Knee


  • Complete When Hips and Knees Are Fully Extended
  • It’s really important to keep the core tight and don’t let the back round like a Halloween cat!

If you are performing multiple deadlifts maintain all points of performance. Value the quality of movement over the quantity or weight. Deadlifts should be a movement first and an exercise second. 

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