Bryan N. December Athlete of the Month

Name: Bryan Nordquist     Age: 31         From: Kalamazoo

How long have you been with CrossFit Torrent and what made you decide to start?

I’ve been with CrossFit Torrent soon after it opened, about 2 ½ months now. Truthfully, I joined because my wife persuaded me to do it with her… but I’ve also been procrastinating for years about getting myself back in shape so I decided to give it a shot.

What do you do when you’re not at CFT?

I work at Pfizer as a Master Scheduler and love outdoor activities. I golf, snowboard, hunt, bike, hike, kayak, camp, and love to spend time with my dogs.


What were your thoughts after your first WOD?

I was new to CrossFit so it was in the elements class. It was a lighter WOD and I felt wrecked!

What is your favorite or least favorite WOD/movement?

Least favorite is definitely the assault bike.

What is the one thing you have done at CFT that you never thought you would do?

Workout at 6am.

What’s your favorite thing about CrossFit?

The people. CFT has a great atmosphere. The coaches and members are extremely supportive and friendly. It’s gratifying to see and feel the results from working out but it’s also just fun to go to class.

What are your short term and long term goals?

Short-term goal: Improve my strength, flexibility, and coordination.


Long-term goal: Live a long and healthy lifestyle.

How have you seen yourself change- mentally and physically since joining Torrent? What impact has CFT had on you in and out of the gym?

I have much higher energy levels and productivity throughout the day, at both work and home.

Do you have any advice for people just getting started at CFT?

Have fun and go as hard as you can.

Quick Questions

Favorite Cheat Meal:

Taco Bell

Favorite Musician/Band:

I listen to all music but tend to play Chris Stapleton on Pandora radio the most.

Favorite Sports Team:0

Detroit Lions

Favorite Tv Show/ Movie:

The Office and Game of Thrones

Favorite CrossFit Athlete:

Brent Fikowski

Coach’s comment:

Bryan is a blast to have in class and has made huge progress since starting with us just 3 months ago! He started with a couple pull-ups, learned kipping chest to bar and then bar muscle ups. Bryan shows up every day, works hard, and is willing to learn. He committed to his nutrition plan and is loving the bento box life. He is a great example of what hard work, dedication and trusting the process can get you. Keep it up Bryan, can’t wait to see your progress in the future!

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