August Athlete of the Month! – April T.

Name:    April Turner      Age: 44      From: Kalamazoo

How long have you been with CrossFit Torrent and what made you decide to start?

I started with CrossFit Torrent in January 2019. I saw an advertisement on Facebook for a six-week challenge. I met with Callie and decided I needed this!

April - ATOM 1



What do you do when you’re not at CFT?

It depends on the day. I work every weekday and when I come home, I often relax in the sun but in winter I did nothing. My husband likes to mountain bike which I recently started joining him. 



When did you realize that CrossFit is right for you?

During the six week challenge, I noticed my weight decreasing and my strength increasing. Also, the wonderful coaching and box atmosphere hooked me!



What were your thoughts after your first WOD?

“Oh my, that sucked!!” 


What is your favorite or least favorite WOD/movement?

I love weight lifting because I am getting stronger but anything overhead has been difficult for me. My least favorite thing to do is running but it’s getting easier. 


What is the one thing you have done at CFT that you never thought you would do?

Anything weightlifting but especially deadlifting 

April - ATOM 3


What motivates you during a tough workout? 

Knowing that I haven’t died yet from a WOD and I  am getting stronger with each workout. 


What’s your favorite thing about CrossFit?

The community and encouragement from the coaches and other members. I love that there are activities planned to grow the bonds of our members. 


What are your short term and long term goals? 

Short term is to be able to do strict pull-ups, pushups (not on my knees), and double unders. Long term is to be healthy and strong!!  I started personal training with Callie, which has improved my movements and my balance. This has also helped me to know where my coach can see areas for me to specifically work on. An outside observation and opinion of a professional really gives you input we can’t see for ourselves. It’s worth EVERY penny and minute!!

How have you seen yourself change- mentally and physically since joining Torrent? What impact has CFT had on you in and out of the gym?

Absolutely! After breast cancer, I thought I’d always have weakness. I still struggle with some things but not like I used to before CrossFit. I’m mentally stronger and physically as well. I once thought the training bar was too heavy. When I pick it up now, I think, “oh wow, that is so light.” Mentally, I know I can do more than I have ever thought before. My limitations are often mental which is easier to overcome. Being encouraged and pushed by the coaches to do more than I think has pushed me beyond what I ever thought I could do before, which has given me mental strength I never had before. 

Do you have any advice for people just getting started at CFT?

Just get started and do not give up! The struggle is worth it every day!! The cost is with it every day!! I spent tons of money on breast cancer treatment, surgeries, and recovery. If I can prevent myself or reduce my odds of having it again, it’s worth every dollar a million times over!!

April - ATOM 2

Quick Questions


Favorite Cheat Meal: pepperoni pizza 

Favorite Musician/Band: Lauren Daigle “You Say”

Favorite Sports Team: NONE 


Favorite CrossFit Athlete: I don’t have a favorite but I’m impressed by all the hard work and dedication of the people at our Box!!!


Coach’s comment: 

April is an athlete who trusts the process…change doesn’t happen overnight but continuous effort shows results! Her excitement to learn and grow is contagious to everybody.

April’s progress is unreal. It seems like we celebrate a milestone or PR  every week. She runs her own race and puts in the work. She’s an every day mom turned super mom!

She is always the energizer for her class and her coaches, you will never leave the gym disappointed if you have the opportunity to work out with, or coach April.

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