Abtastic Seminar!

Abtastic. When you have beautiful abs and you are not afraid to show them off. Person: “What look at that girl’s abs.” Person 2: “Yeah they are abtastic!”

Includes: 90- Minute Training Session & Workbook

Dates: March 6th @ Tides (St. Joe) & March 27th @ Torrent (Kalamazoo)

Time: 10:30 AM- 12:00 PM




  • Learn how to breathe properly
    • Improves Sleep
    • Improves Overall Wellness
    • Improves Mobility
    • Helps Limit Injuries
    • Stay in control during your workouts
  • Learn how to properly engage and brace your trunk
    • Less Low Back Pain
    • Better Gymnastics
    • Stronger Lifts
    • Get rid of the lower “pooch” and activate low and deep abdominal muscles
    • Prehab Injuries
    • Rehab Injuries
    • Improved Running Mechanics

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