OWNERS, Brian Campbell (Left) - Lars Thompson (Right)

This organization started with our first location, CrossFit Tides, located in a small space inside a warehouse in St. Joseph, MI. Since then, Fusion Athletics has grown. With our 9-year anniversary in October (2021) of this year, our emphasis has become living and breathing our core values; humble, hungry, and people-smart. With experience and tradition on our side, we have become a health laboratory where customers can experience everything – a great CrossFit workout, detailed nutrition counseling, and intimate personal training. On March 23, 2018 we took a huge step forward opening two more locations, CrossFit Torrent in Kalamazoo, MI and CrossFit Current in South Haven, MI. As we are very fond of our Great Lakes here in Southwest Michigan, each one of our gyms holds the reference of water in its name. This trifecta has helped us complete the health and fitness Bermuda Triangle that we call Fusion Athletics!


The initial idea for what started as Fusion Athletics came up in casual conversation with my now-partner David (Lars) Thompson. We were hanging out in the gym after a workout and chatting about life’s problems when Lars saw a spark in my eyes and immediately noticed something different about me. As he explains it, “Brian has an attitude and aptitude with a hunger for continuous improvement.” Lars has served as vice-president and COO for a few select niche companies, where he has grown organizations and profitability with tremendous success. Most HR experts would have frowned at this partnership, calling it the odd couple of the health and fitness organization chart. On the contrary, we have quickly become a match made in heaven in the world of entrepreneurship. We spent many an evening discussing the details of the business and how, if I wasn’t weighed down by the less than perfect standards that I was accustomed to, that success was an afterthought. We started meeting regularly to review business plans, pro-forma financials, and everything else we thought might be relevant. We talked regularly about how we could build a business that would bring a professional fitness experience and how we could do it in a way that was unique to us, SOMETHING SPECIAL!
In early 2018, I left my job with a local police department and those fitness and business fantasies that Lars and I had talked about became real. Like every new business, we have made lots of mistakes and worked hard to correct them as quickly as we could. Fortunately, we believe that we are able to make things right more often than not. If you come visit our locations, you’ll notice that each one has its own unique community and people. But one thing is certain, our vision remains the same: not to create 10,000 separate businesses, but to create one business 10,000 times.
❖    CrossFit Tides Established October, 2012
❖    Fusion Athletics, LLC. Encompassing CrossFit Tides, CrossFit Torrent and CrossFit     Current, established March, 2018

OUR coaches

Crossfit Torrent Coach Morgan

Morgan VanDenBerg

Hometown: Paw Paw, MI
Credentials/Certifications: CF-L1

What do you like to do outside of the gym? If you see me outside of the gym, I’m probably outside somewhere! Snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, surfing, golfing, etc. I love applying my fitness to my everyday life. You might also find me, camera in hand, taking photos of pretty things.

What are your specialties and how can you help people? I feel most at home as a coach when I’m teaching gymnastics. As someone who started CrossFit unable to hang from a pull-up bar, I have had quite the journey to gymnastics skills. I love seeing athletes perform movements and create shapes they never thought they could!

Coach Brandon

Brandon Schoenwether

Hometown: Schoolcraft, MI
Credentials/Certifications: B.S. Exercise Science, CF-L1

What do you like to do outside of the gym? I like to use my fitness whenever I can whether it is playing sports like frisbee or golf and also getting outside as much as possible.

What are your specialties and how can you help people?: What makes me happiest is when people achieve their goals through lightbulb moments after long periods of hard work. I am best suited for helping others realize they are more capable of things than they realize through behavior and mindset change. I have my education and professional development in College and CrossFit to credit with that.

Coach Bri

Bri English

Hometown: Royal Oak
Credentials/certification: CF-L1

What do you like to do outside of the gym?: I have too many hobbies! Sewing my own clothes, biking, running, playing soccer, traveling, hiking, visiting national parks, reading, etc. I also spend my days teaching high school English.

What are your specialties and how can you help people?: I know what it’s like to be brand new to CrossFit as I started from scratch just a few years ago! I can help you make the transition into CrossFit and fall in love with weightlifting, as well as help you feel welcome into our Torrent family!


Michelle Polson

Hometown: Indianola, IA
Credentials/Certifications: CF-L1, Mobility/WOD Movement & Mobility Specialist, Certified Yoga for Athletes Trainer

What do you like to do outside of the gym? I like to rescue cats and spoil them. Do crazy Ragnar Relays and convince others to do them with me. Drink wine in front of the fire (winter) or on my patio (summer). And I have occasional bouts of creativity sewing, crocheting, or home projects.

What are your specialties and how can you help people? Mobility/Stretching/Balance and as a Master’s Athlete and one of the oldest members I try to learn as much as I can about what it means to be a Master.

Coach Nathan

Nathan Fons

Hometown: Lake Orion, MI
Credentials/Certifications: NASM CPT, Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRC), Kinstretch (pending test)

What do you like to do outside of the gym? Wakesurf/board, swim, bike, split wood, adventure with my family, hike, travel, podcast learning

What are your specialties and how can you help people? My specialty is helping people learn training through the Functional Range Conditioning lens. This type of training places joint health and function as priorities instead of accessory work. For me, this training has helped me manage my pain, stiffness, and aches like no other tool I have used before. I want to teach others how to add these concepts to their fitness programs so they can have healthy joints and do everything that requires joint movement a little bit better. Like everything in life, it takes time and effort but you can improve mobility, joint health, and resilience through this training. I love when people learn to control their body better and begin to feel parts of their body that they have never spent any time with. I can also relate to people who have been injured but want to train without elevating their pain level. I have spent lots of time training in ways that allow you to feel better and not feel beat down from the training session.

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