4 Reasons your kids should try Crossfit!


It’s tough deciding activities to enroll your child in. Swimming? Martial arts? Soccer? And then there’s schools and other hobbies your child may have. Kids have a lot going on these days! I’m here to make this decision easy for you! As someone who has worked with kids for over 6 years and has coached Crossfit Kids classes for almost 2 years, I can tell you that Crossfit is the ideal path to allow your child a promising future no matter which path they choose.img_0566-e1539170125463.png1. Emotional benefit

In the Crossfit Torrent Crossfit Kids program, we instill listening skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, relationship building, leadership, discipline and so on. Although not physical, these virtues will better allow your child to succeed later in life. I have watched countless kids come through this program and develop into confident young people, ready to take on the world! (Or third grade)



2. Physical benefit

Crossfit focuses on 10 domains of fitness; strength, power, speed, accuracy, balance, coordination, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, agility, and stamina. We will work with your child on each of these skills every class! Ensuring success in whatever sport they choose to pursue later in life. The more kids can be exposed to early in life, the better their chances of doing well in high school or college sports, or even just in backyard football games. Think of all your friends who didn’t play sports when they were young. Think about how hard they must work to simply throw a ball or swing a bat.



3. Social benefit

There are so many kids today who are uninterested in school/organized sports. It requires so much commitment on their part and yours as their parent. Kids class at Crossfit Torrent is a 45-minute class and is held once a week. This gets your child out of the house and active without the added stresses of games or daily practices. It also allows your child to socialize themselves in a new community. Kids who play sports are naturally more socialized than children who don’t. It’s a perfect opportunity to make new friends!


4. Lifestyle

Instilling the knowledge and value of fitness in younger generations is so important to the torrent team. We want to set them up with a positive idea of fitness from the get-go. If they can enjoy the benefits of health and fitness now, they are more likely to make fitness a priority throughout their life.


The Crossfit Kids program can be long lasting for kids emotionally, physically, and socially and is perfect for any age. At Crossfit Torrent, we work with those between the ages of 5 and 11! The program is the ideal opportunity to introduce fitness and health into your child’s life and your own!


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